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Lida Diet coffee

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Information about Lida Slimming Coffee:

Who does not like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning? It’s now possible to apply this habit to a perfect diet. Lida Slimming Coffee is a purely vegetable-based diet coffee that helps you to quickly gain a perfect figure. This organic coffee is available without a prescription and gives you quick and effective results. Lida Coffee makes your pounds tumble away as well as wakes you up in the morning. So it’s a perfect solution. Start soon so that your dream of obtaining a beautiful figure will be quickly fulfilled.

Organic slimming coffee - the perfect slimming solution!

This herbal weight loss coffee is 100% natural and therefore very compatible. Its ease of use and its performance will convince even the most skeptical critics.

This healthy organic coffee has a powerful effect. In addition, each cup is accompanied by a very pleasant taste. You will learn that slimming can be enjoyable.

The famous Arabica coffee from the Yunnan province of China is the major component. Another ingredient is the scientifically processed and 100% natural "Garcinia Cambogia" (HCA).
Not only is this slimming coffee purely herbal, but it is healthy, safe and side effect free. Whilst enjoying strong, aromatic and delicious coffee, you will be able lose a lot of weight quickly and with pleasure. This is what makes it very different than regular coffee.

The Lida coffee is suitable not only for slightly overweight people, but also for those who are permanently overweight and people who gain weight easily. Anyone from 18 to 60 years old may drink this coffee.

- Drink only one cup of Lida coffee per day.
- Conforms to standard GB/1759-2002

How does the coffee work?

The coffee accelerates fat metabolism and fat loss. It also clears the digestive system. This will relax the intestines and flush the digestive system out.

Metabolism and fat loss

The caffeine in the coffee causes an increase in the concentration of the blood´s fatty acids. By increasing fatty acids the muscles are stimulated and fat is consumed and converted into energy for the body to use. This can also reduce body fat. The coffee’s active ingredient, L-carnitine, is an essential substance for fat metabolism, which may facilitate entry of fatty acids into the mitochondria to drive the oxygenolyse. Additionally the coffee contains Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia which also boosts fat burning. Through these various factors of weight loss, a strong effect of weight reduction takes place.

Calming of the digestive system

The coffee contains Lotus leaves which provide an effective dieresis. This leads to a relaxation of the intestines, thereby allowing excess fat to be absorbed very quickly. The coffee works to destroy the re-absorption of extraneous starch, fat, sugar and related substances that may increase your body fat, and to accelerate the conversion of energy in order to prevent the further accumulation of fat.

It also works to destroy stubborn fat deposits in order to reduce fat by burning it thoroughly so that the slimming effect on the body is seen more clearly.

The coffee also works with a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals essences to reduce body cells and to improve weight loss. It also succeeds in making your skin firm, smooth and soft.
It also inhibits the absorption of fat. The electro-negative substances that are formed by fatty acid, glycerol and glycerol-monosterarate are produced by fat digestion. This product gets into the gastric digestive juices and fat becomes surrounded by an electro-positive gelatin. Therefore, while the mass passes through the digestive system it cannot be absorbed, resulting in successful weight reduction.

Contents: 15 sachets of 10 g
Shelf life: 36 months

This product does not contain any laxatives or other ingredients that may cause diarrhea.

Note: This slimming coffee is not suitable for:

* Women who are pregnant or nursing
* People suffering from cardiovascular diseases
* Stroke patients

These are the ingredients you will find in the coffee:

Proportion of ingredients (%) content (mg)
Yunnan coffee 30%, 84
L-Carnitine 25%, 70
Green tea 17%, 47
Lotus leaves 15%, 42
Garcinia Cambogia 13%, 36.4

Main ingredients:
Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Salvia Militiorrhiz, grains, Pharmaceutical Rose Cassia seed

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