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Lida Slimming Tea

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Information on Lida slimming tea

Overweight? Panicky attempts to slim? Your new motto should be: "Have a cup of tea and see." The new Lida slimming tea will cater to incredible results. The tea helps you to reduce your weight quickly and efficiently. One cup of slimming tea per day is enough - you will be amazed at how quickly your pounds fall off. Lida Tea is very tasty and burns fat in the blink of an eye. After only a few weeks of drinking the tea you will become an entirely new person - without having to adhere to a rigorous diet schedule. The slimming tea is only available through us. Give it a try!

Slimming with herbal tea

We offer you a slimming herbal tea with which you may achieve visible and fantastic results very quickly. The taste is deliciously aromatic.

This tea is specially made for the quick weight reduction. It tackles accumulations of fat and toxins. By drinking the tea subcutaneous fat is eliminated, thereby optimizing the lymph flow. The pounds will melt away and the formation of sebum is normalized.

The tea contains optimized combinations of essences to support weight reduction. The subcutaneous fat will be removed from the gastro-intestinal tract and lipid metabolism is enhanced to help gain an attractive shape. The effect of the tea is just amazing.

Similarly, toxins are removed from the body. The digestive system will be cleaned, which will effectively prevent constipation.

LIDA weight loss herbal tea is particularly suitable for people suffering from obesity or excess weight. Women who are overweight after giving birth or people who can’t lose weight through diet or sports will be able to achieve clear success by drinking this herbal tea. People who are permanently overweight and those who usually gain weight again after losing it may also benefit from this slimming tea.

It is suitable for people in the 18 to 60 age group.

Accorded performance standard GB/1759-2002

Drink only one cup of tea per day.

You should prepare the tea as follows:

Brew the tea with 200 ml of water and let it steep for 5 minutes so it may develop its full aroma and effectiveness. Our recommendation to enjoy the tea: Place a saucer or small plate on top of the cup while it steeps to enjoy hot tea. You may use a single teabag up to three times.

For a long-lasting taste, each bag is individually packaged in a transparent film and is aroma sealed. This ensures that the pleasure experienced while drinking it is a long-lasting thing. One bag contains 10 g of tea.

You should keep the tea in an air-tight and dry container. It should be kept away from light and out of reach of children. If stored properly, the tea is good for 36 months.

Note: The tea is not suitable for:

* Women who are pregnant or nursing

* People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases

* Stroke patients

Nutrient composition (per 500 mg)

Fat: 0 g

Protein: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 0 g

Sodium: 14 mg

Calcium: 30 mg

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